Friday, June 20, 2014

#KITKATBreakMovement Movie Screening Contest

Philippines has improved a lot when it comes to economy (woo hoo !)thanks to hardworking, smart , loving and dedicated call center agents like me. (KUDOS BROS !) I have heard a lot of rumors that being a call center agent is a lazy job. NO NO NO that is not true!

Being a technical support agent like me (ok I will allow you to say call center agent like me LOUD AND PROUD)requires a lot of hardwork and not anyone can just get hired , grab a headset and start taking calls. You need to pass and go through a lot of skills such as...

-good listening skills

- communication skills

- typing skills

- technical skills

- managerial skills

and so much more...

Generally speaking , if you get hired in BPO , its either you go to non-technical , technical , voice, non - voice, financial or managerial account. Being a super agent from a premium account requires to unlock a certain skill which is to be multitasked and that is one thing that I would like to unlock if I were given a chance.

With this skill , I can definitely handle supervisory call while remotely accessing the customer's computer and fix his concern while chatting with another customer and responding to the others through email and sms while taking a break and having a delicious KIT-KAT!

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