Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Are landlines becoming more obsolete?

With the emerging technology, people nowadays rely on the power of smartphones. Here, there and everywhere, you will see a lot of people touching , swiping , gliding their precious gadgets to communicate with family, friends and even their imaginary friends (i mean social media friends lol). Thanks to social media, reaching to your loved ones has never been this easy.

What will happen to landlines? I think i can now order pizza using my smartphone. I can call to the office using it to report if I will be sick or absent. I can book a flight online , without calling the travel agency's landline using my tablet. I think it is becoming obsolete but one thing that stands out from havng a landline is their cheap promos. PLDT for example has this bundle plan (landline+ unlimited internet) which attracts potential customers who wants to save more. As the competition heats up, Skycable , Globe and even BayanTel are also doing the same pattern.

At the end of the day, its not just about innovation that matters but THINKING OUT OF THE BOX as well.

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