Saturday, May 3, 2014

“Styled my Mom with M&S”

My mom is definitely the best mom in the world .She is not a typical household mom - the so called "sa bahay lang dapat para maasikaso mga bata" or "parating na si Daddy dapat luto na ang dinner" but she worked really hard for five of us when Dad died when i was 5.

Aside from the fact tht she doesn't want to look losyang , I believe that being a Master Teacher from a public school is not an easy thing . The students look up to her as a role model and she needs to keep those high standards all the time and M&S Una Collection will keep her dignified and powerful yet sophisticated and posh at the same time. She will definitely be a strong woman and I commend her for that.

She works as an elementary school teacher teaching math , English and Science and she always make sure she is still posh and sophisticated for the whole day teaching. good thing i have rewarded her with her favorite M&S Una Collection (dress and accssories) to keep her look elegant and young and not look 'losyang' or 'hagardo versoza' type of moms out there (no effense, hihi)! I love you Mom Happy MOther's Day and thank you for taking good care of us > i love you You are the best mom in the world You are my SUPER MOM! ;-)

I styled my mom just like Victoria Beckham's bobcat hair and posh style because we all know that Victoria Beckham is a strong and busy woman but still looks fabulous at the same time. (That's why she's called POSH SPICE right?) M&S Una Dress and accessories really makes her look like one heck of a strong and posh woman. I love you mom and thank you for your dedication and love for us.

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