Sunday, November 10, 2013

Fibr: Home’s Most Powerful Broadband”

How would the odds be in your favor if you had a Fibr connection? Just like Katniss superfast hunting skills and fierce personality , the odds will be in my favor with Fibr connection Fibr runs via special glass cables under the ground. It doesn't require the copper wires used for your landline, like standard ADSL broadband, so it's faster and more stable. Fibr internet is considered 'superfast', because it gives you betterspeeds than standard ADSL broadband. Fibr vs. ADSL broadband+dial-up+cable+media+voip?? OMG they're all super dead by now if they're on a real hunger games competition. Nothing beats Katniss.....

Nothing beats......

Fibr, Home’s most powerful broadband, allows you to seamlessly and simultaneously experience the following: 1. Browsing of multiple websites 2. Stream hundreds blockbuster movies on-demand from Clickplay 3. Watch Cignal Digital TV Channels 4. Available now in over 800 fiber-powered villages nationwide Visit or call 101-FIBR (3427) for more details.

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